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Hello! 😊 Thank you for visiting my blog. I am super excited to have you here. I hope that the resources on here bless you tremendously!

Favoured daughters faith is birth out of the passion to teach and encourage other sisters. I have faced struggles in my Christian walk (so you are definitely not alone in this). Thank God that we are already victorious in Christ Jesus.

The purpose of favoured daughters faith blog is to help kingdom-focused women combat daily struggles that challenge their faith in this corrupt world.

Our goal is to raise an army of wise women who by the mercy of God will finish their Christian race well.  In Matthew 25: 1-13, we read that upon Christ return he will meet two categories of believers (The Foolish and The Wise).

Favoured daughters encourage women to live a life of purpose. Matthew 6:33 | Ecclesiastes 12:13

Are you a Christian woman who is still young in her faith and is seeking support and encouragement in staying rooted and established in faith?

Are you a kingdom-focused woman who loves God but faces constant struggles in your day to day living that threatens your faith?

Are you earnestly anticipating the second return of Jesus Christ with the hope of reigning with him eternally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions! This space is for you. You are definitely not alone in this journey and I am very happy to help you by sharing principles and truth based on God’s word.

Here we are dedicated to sharing life experiences and inspirational posts that will encourage you to stay strong.

Together we can live a victorious Christian life.

Together we will make it into the kingdom of heaven in Jesus name.

I would love to connect with you ❤ For further encouragement, counselling or prayers please send an email to favoureddaughters7@gmail.com

Follow my social media accounts where I share my latest articles. Instagram http://www.instagram.com/favoured_daughters Facebook http://www.facebook.com/favoureddaughterfaith 


Hello 😊 My name is Hannah and I am the face behind favoured daughters faith blog. I am a Christian wife, mother and teacher. I am very passionate about living a life of purpose in Christ Jesus. When I’m not writing or encouraging someone you will probably find me somewhere singing.

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