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“While at the altar, it is not about you. It is about the impact you will make. It is about those God has assigned to you”

Pamela D. Smith

I have been blessed to know Pamela who is a best selling author, publishing consultant and a speaker/evangelist. She uses her gift to promote a lifestyle of faith, prayer and hope in Jesus Christ. She is a mentor to many and encourages others especially aspiring authors by providing them with resources needed to aid them in their place of calling.

Pamela recently released her latest book titled “WHILE AT THE ALTAR”. This book is a book on prayer and her aim for writing this book is to encourage other believers to adopt a lifestyle of prayer and to increase our faith in the power of prayer. In this book she establishes how prayer works wonders.


I call this book a “book in season” for me. I write about struggles Christian women face and I must admit that a major struggle in my journey of faith has been that of prayer.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to read a spirit-birth book in a period I needed it the most. Pamela wrote from a place of deep concern: I could sense it.

Praying: “This statements has become so cliche until I often wonder, are we really talking to God or are we just saying we are”

Pamela D. Smith

Truly I see the word “Praying” 🙏 almost everywhere especially on faith-based social media accounts where people raise their concerns.
Sometimes I’m one of those who type praying under a comment: I mumble few words, other times if I don’t pray immediately there is always tendency to forget.

Are we really praying? Are we praying right?

We know that prayer is an integral part of our walk with God. Prayer is simply communicating with God and constant communication bring intimacy, hence its importance.

I really liked how Pamela didn’t just tell us only what to do in this book, she showed us how to pray. Remember when Jesus disciples asked him to teach them how to pray! Jesus set the example in the book of Luke 11:1-5 by teaching us how to pray.
Pamela a faithful follower of Christ has also followed the perfect example of our Master.

While at the altar contains practical prayers on different topics and also has powerful prophetic affirmations.

In this book Pamela shares with us real-life experiences. I love how real and transparent she was in sharing her stories some of which I found emotional.

This book cover testimonies of God’s faithfulness, this gives us the boldness to know that while at the altar! We can get results if we pray the right way.

This book is packed with a lot of wisdom and leasons.

I strongly recommend this book for:

• Those that are wanting to learn how to pray and why we pray

• Those struggling to pray but desire
a revived/restored prayer life

• Those that feel they pray but get no answers! Perhaps you need to employ some of the strategies revealed in this book on praying winning prayers

• Those experiencing anxiety

• Those wanting to unlock the key ingredients to success while at the altar by praying winning prayers.

This book will motivate your faith, I hear people say phrases like “God when” a lot when they hear others sharing testimonies. The truth is, your life is a testimony and God is waiting to showcase his glory in your life. Your story too can bless others! It starts at the altar.


√ Even though this book is not about primarily about marriage, I personally learnt from some of the experiences Pamela shared. It taught me great marriage lessons to employ in my marriage.

√ This book has taught me how to re-evaluate my prayer life and how to strategically pray winning prayers.

√ A part of this book spoke extensively on kingdom service, I loved how encouraging it was to me. It was loaded with great lessons for me.

I strongly believe that this book will ignite a fresh fire 🔥 in you. It is not an ordinary book, it is inspired from a place of vision.

This book is an excellent prayer resource to have. It will also serve as a great gift to family and friends. Be a blessing to others ❤

You can also purchase following this link:

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

About the Authour

Pamela D. Smith is a Transformational Speaker and Writer who delivers with passion and confidence. She engages crowds with thought-provoking topics and content. Pamela’s speaking and workshop facilitating equips attendees with tools and tips that will develop them personally and spiritually.

Pamela has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the lives of women around the world. Her speaking and writing allows her to connect with others at church events, conferences, panels and even corporate platforms.

To share your testimonies from reading this book or to access other resources from the author, please connect with her on or follow her on IG:


Published by Favoureddaughters

I am a Christian Blogger who is passionate about teaching the word of God to encourage women live a life of purpose.


  1. This book looks great. Thanks Hannah for sharing your review as l think we all can relate to coming to the altar and seeking to know or hear God!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reviewing “While at the altar” for us. I had not heard of Pamela or her writings and am always in search of good reading material. I also pinned to share with others who are looking for great words on prayer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your review of “While at the Altar” was so helpful, in part because you relate your personal experience while reading it! You learned and applied to your life. That’s what I like to do with the books I read as well!


  4. There are a lot of books on prayer out there, but “While at the Alter” seems like a unique one. I appreciate your review of it and will at this book to my list of books I need to read.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you so much for the review of “While at the Altar”. This sounds like the perfect read in order to strengthen our prayer life and encourage our faith. And I too agree – we see all over the place that people say they are praying…but are they really. That’s why if I tell someone I will pray, I do it right then!


    1. Thanks sis for your kind words 🙏 I like that you stand by your word and pray for people when you tell them you will.


  6. I love that this includes a lot on kingdom service. Thanks for including that detail in the end. I am drawn to that topic lately and learning more about how praying is an act of service. So cool to consider!


  7. So many of us struggle with praying. One of my biggest struggles was wondering if my prayers were even heard. But they are! I’ve learned to start praying God’s Word, which is His will, and I no longer wonder if my prayers are being heard. It is always “His will be done.” Thank you for this beautiful post! This is definitely an area I need to grow in … ❤


    1. Sis! I can relate with the struggle. I’m glad you pray God’s Word now and is also confident he hears you. Thanks for reading ❤


  8. Thank you for this informative, insightful review. I had not heard of this author, but prayer is a topic close to my heart. I will definitely check out this book.


  9. Sounds like a good read on prayer with some great examples too. I understand completely about putting praying on a post and think later–what/who was I supposed to pray for? You gave some great lessons learned too and how the prayers can impact your marriage too. Thanks for doing such a great review!


  10. Sounds like this will be a good read. Praying is one of my fave things to do because it brings me great delight to witness God’s Hand moving in the lives of His people. Thank you for spotlighting it!


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