“Are you overworked, overwhelmed or weary? Our pilgrims’ journey is a sweet blend of work, trials and temptation and victory. As we go on, we never know what lies ahead of us but come what may we will overcome”
Ifeoma Samuel

In times like this where the world is in so much uncertainty, the economy is on hold, church buildings are closed, social gatherings prohibited, schools closed, events postponed, infact the list could go on….who is your anchor?

In a period where fear has ravaged the hearts of men, where do you turn for help? Who do you look up to?

The bible says in Psalm 91 that he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. More than ever before we are encouraged to dwell in the secret place and one of the ways of doing this is by studying the word of God (Bible Study). One thing bible study does is that it exposes us to the light in God’s word and it reveals deep and hidden truths to us.

Review of the Bible Study devotional: Anchored

I have heard people say I studied that verse but couldn’t understand what it meant or I picked up the bible and didn’t know where to start. Devotionals are a great tool to use in studying the word of God. For a time like this, I will highly recommend a new devotional I have been opportuned to read titled Anchored. It is written by Ifeoma Samuel a seasoned teacher of the word. I first came in contact with this devotional on the purposeful and meaningful facebook page.

To say that this devotional is a blessing is an understatement. When I read this devotional I felt a huge sense of connection with God and I particularly liked that about it. This devotional will stir your heart to dig deeper into God’s word. I found anchored Bible study devotional to be very uplifting and encouraging, it is full of wisdom.

Through studying this devotional I have learnt what it means to be an anchored woman.

You will find this devotional very useful if you are seeking answers to any of these questions and more:

• I feel burdened, what do I do?

• This season of life I am navigating through is tough! Please help

• I want my heart to pant after God

• I am a Christian but I am also still afraid! Why?

• This minute I am excited and full of faith, the next minute it’s anxiety and no faith! Why?

The devotional anchored comes with answers to these questions. Anchored is a 4 weeks devotional bible study plan that covers deep bible study each day. I really loved the practicality of this book as it comes with practical real life stories and experiences to learn from, each day also comes with its own unique bible passages to read, detailed explanations, questions to meditate on and prayers.

To Effectively study this devotional, I would advise that:

1. Spend Time in Prayer: Pray that God will speak to you through this devotional and that God will give you a heart that will receive his word.

2. Spend Time in Worship: Use which ever form of worship works best for you. I love good christian music as it sets a good atmosphere.

3. Get your Writing Materials: Get a pen, highlighter, notepad or a journal. Write down key points as you study, most importantly it is great to write down what the lord is saying to you in the process of studying this devotional.

4. Avoid Distraction: You will need a quiet space that will enable you focus on your bible study.

This devotional Anchored by Ifeoma Samuel is a must have for any woman who loves bible study and is yearning a deeper relationship with God.

It can also serve as a perfect gift to family and friends. I hope it blesses and encourages you like it did to me.

To purchase please follow this link

My Rating: 5/5 stars

About the Author

Ifeoma Samuel is your down-to-earth
Bible Study writer and speaker who is
passionate about helping women find
true joy in everyday life.

Ifeoma enjoys encouraging women to go deeper in search of God’s truth for
their lives through many conferences,
books, videos and articles scattered all
over the web.

She has spent years being a children
and youth teacher and mentor. She
spends time complying interactive Bible Studies and Bible plans for children and women. She also hosts her
Youtube channel.

She is happily married to her sweet heart, Obiora, and they are parents
to one lovely daughter.

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    1. Amen🙏 Thank you for blessing the world with the precious gift God has bestowed on you. You teaching resources are amazing ❤


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