Help! I’m Fighting to keep my Faith Alive

Have you ever been called names for professing your love for Jesus? Where I come from they label people in this category with names like spiri coco (overly spiritual), mama Jesu (Mother of Jesus), Assistant Holy Spirit e.t.c

Have you ever been seen as judgemental or an overly excited Christian who is taking things too far or too serious! Calm down they say, it’s not that deep!…it’s not that serious! After all I’m a Christian too and God is understanding…Why is your own Christianity different? Why do you talk with so much passion?

You see someone living a life that doesn’t please God and out of genuine concern you call out the person by telling the plain truth, the person in defense gives you a look or an attitude that depicts mockery or please mind your business or please don’t judge me or sis you ain’t perfect too 😳

I’m sure some sisters can relate to this post and sometimes it gets you thinking 💭 Perhaps I need to calm down!
I share below some things to note:

1. ONLY GOD’S OPINION MATTER: You alone understand your encounter with the Lord, nobody else knows, what did the Lord tell you? What message did he give to you? If God has given you a particular message that the world needs to hear then it pleases me to tell you to obey God’s instructions completely. You don’t want to please a man to displease God! No! If you read the book of Ezekiel, you will see that the Lord made Ezekiel a watchman in his time, the Lord gave him specific messages to warn the rebellious people. In Ezekiel 3:17-18 the Lord warned Ezekiel to speak his message to the people in other not to be held accountable for their blood. In Ezekiel 3:14 we saw that an encounter can stir up holy anger in one’s spirit. In Ezekiel 3:11 we also saw the fact established by the Lord who told Ezekiel to speak his message whether people listen or not! That is a strong indication that not everyone will agree with you. Speak Anyway! Don’t lose focus because of what someone said, face your calling.

2. TEST THE SPIRIT: This is particularly important when the criticism is coming from a supposed Christian 1 John 4:1. There’s no need to test the spirit that operates in the life of a non-Christian but when it comes to someone who calls himself or herself a Christian giving you a look of you are being judgemental in how you relay your faith, you need to test the spirit in operation in the life of that person. By the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to tell the place their criticism is coming from because the fruits will speak (Is it from a place of love, Comparison, Jealousy, competition e.t.c).

3. UNDERSTAND YOUR IDENTITY: You are who God says you are, man’s opinion doesn’t define you. Your self-worth or confidence cannot be rubbished because of man’s action. Study the word of God, understand who you are in Christ Jesus and walk boldly in your inheritance.

4. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS: Our flesh is led by our emotions and the natural reaction from mean comments will be to get hurt, offended or angry. As Christians we are led by the HolySpirit and he has given us the grace to exercise self-control in not taking offence. In Matt 24:10 (NKJV) The bible says in the last days many will be offended, they will betray one another and hate one another. It’s scriptures

5. PRAY FOR THEM: Talk to God about it also pray for your critics. Pray that they have a divine encounter with God and that God will reveal his truth to them.

6. SEEK GODLY COUNSEL: Talk to seasoned men and women of God, your community of real followers of Christ or your spiritual mentors. Talk to them about it, if you are not on the right track they will let you know.

7. TALK TO YOUR CRITIC: Pray before doing this and ask God to touch the heart of your critics before approaching them. Gently clarify anything that has been taken out of context through the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have a post on IG addressing Handling criticism among believers you can read it here

To keep your faith alive and active, stay connected to your source (God). Stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and constantly fellowship in bible study, prayer, fasting and all forms of spiritual exercises that helps your spiritual growth. Don’t give up! Great is your reward ❤

Please share your thoughts in the comments 👇

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