Dear Christian bloggers, I want to share some of the lessons the Lord taught me from 1 Cor chapter 3. This assignment could be challenging and overwhelming but with God we are overcomers.

In verse 4: Following started in the bible days😁Lol! By extension now we follow on social media because we are in that eraa

In verse 5: We are reminded that every ministry you follow is only God’s servant who has a task assigned to them by God. Hence your niche 😊

In verse 6-7: You plant the seed through sharing your post, others waters by sharing your post, supporting you to get your message out. ONLY God gives the increase (growth). The planter and the one who waters is nothing (Don’t be full of yourself).

In verse 8: The planter and the one who waters are working towards the same purpose (draw people to Jesus). It’s not a competition, there’s a reward.

Verse 11: Don’t sugarcoat or water your message. Your foundation should be Jesus Christ

Verse 13: The quality of our work will be tested…our motives will be revealed

Verse 18: Don’t get carried away by the standard of this world. It’s a deceit (More Followers= More success). If your message is meant for one soul and you have one follower, it’s success. Don’t stress! Don’t run ahead of God…if he wants you to reach more he will make provisions!

Verse 20: Wisdom of this world leads to futile thinking. The devil attacks our thoughts(I speak from experience) Stay with Jesus by relying on his wisdom.

Your message counts! Build with care ❤

Published by Favoureddaughters

I am a Christian Blogger who is passionate about teaching the word of God to encourage women live a life of purpose.

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