This is an open invitation for you to experience total freedom from sin (John 8:36). Yes! come as you are in that vulnerable state, remember the woman caught in the act of adultery in the bible was not condemned, she found mercy (John 8:10-11) your sin is not too much, his blood will wash them off. He loves you and has already paid the price for your victory.


🔵 Life is a race, we are pilgrims on earth (We will all give an account)

🔵 There are two final destinations (Heaven or Hell). Yes we don’t like hearing it but we cannot sideline this very important matter. Heaven is where God dwells, Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us…his children to reign with him forever. Hell is a place of torment and eternal damnation for the devil and sinners

🔵 Jesus is the only way to heaven

💭 How do I access/claim this offer?

⚫ Acknowledge your sinful state Rom 3:23

⚫ Take the decision to repent and turn to God Acts 2:38, Believe that Jesus is Lord and you will be saved Rom 10:9, Talk to Jesus in prayer Rom 10:13

What Next?

⚪ 2 Cor 5:17 Any man in Christ is a new creature, old sinful nature/ choices are passed away…You have a fresh start to walk with God in holiness. Nurture your relationship with God by:

⚪ Studying the Holy Bible every day. John 20:30 The bible recorded all that Jesus did when he was on earth so that we all can believe that he is the Messiah, son of the living God who gives life. He will reveal himself to you through his word. Download the @youversion bible app on your phone, you can compare different versions of the bible and explore other Christian resources.

⚪ Praying constantly…without ceasing, Holy Spirit will teach you how to pray.

⚪ Joining a bible believing church in your community, ask to speak with the Pastor or head of the Evangelical team (Tell them about your new experience) The church will support you in your journey. Fellowshiping with brethren will motivate you.

⚪ Share your testimony to family and friends

🎇 Jesus Christ is back coming again Heb 9:27-28…Acts 1:11b He will return from heaven to take his children, it will be visible.

Oil your lamps and have extra oil! Shalom! 💙

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I am a Christian Blogger who is passionate about teaching the word of God to encourage women live a life of purpose.

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